Improving Your Tennis Serve Made Easy

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There are a few quick and simple steps that you can do that will help you to dramatically increase your tennis score. However it is important to actually practice the steps rather than just read them. If you take the time to practice these quick steps you will see an almost immediate improvement in your tennis serve and you will notice that you entire game will improve overall.

The first thing that you need to do is to always relax your arm and your wrist. If you are tense, stressed out or easily excited you will notice that your arm will be quite tense. This will actually hinder your serve. Rather than acting like a wound up arm with more power, you will notice a definite decrease in the power that you have in your arm. This is the opposite effect from what you want. It is essential that you relax your arm and wrist. It is considered that as much as 20% of the power in your serve comes directly from the wrist, if your wrist is tight or tense you will lose as much as 15% of that power immediately. This is a huge hurt when you are trying to squeeze as much power as possible.

The next step is you need to practice your arm motion until you have a nice smooth and fluid movement. If your serve is jerky you are going to lose some of the power that you have gained by relaxing your arm and wrist. You need to practice this over and over again; however you should not practice this if you are overly tired. When you are over tired you will notice that your arm is much heavier and it is a lot harder to get the smooth and flowing movement that you really need in order to successfully serve the ball.

Jumping during your serve is also important. In fact this is one of the single most powerful movements that you can do in order to improve the overall power of your serve. If you are trying to really maximize your serve then you need to ensure that you are jumping as you serve. However, you also need to ensure that you are wearing a good pair of sturdy tennis shoes with plenty of cushion in the soles to protect your foot as you come down on impact with the court. This can provide a lot of relief to your knees as you land and will soften the blow to your body while still giving you the most power possible in your serve.

The final thing that you can do the most to maximize your serve is ensure that you are lining up your body with the service box that you are aiming for. If you are turning your body towards the stands or even the field across the way you are simply not going to be able to hit the service box like you need to in order to have a successful serve. This is something that is not negotiable; you need to aim the ball and to do that you need to turn your body in the direction of your target. This may take a bit of practice but if you practice your body facing you will see that it gets much easier over time and your serve improves dramatically.

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