Where to Play Tennis

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There are numerous places that are all available to play tennis and most cities have several options that you can explore based upon your individual needs. Finding a suitable place to play is often based upon where you live, how long you have to devote to playing and what type of surface you are looking for in terms of the court. There are grass courts, clay, asphalt and even an indoor wooden court. You need to decide which type you are most interested in before you obviously make a final decision, but having several options available to you will make it much easier to find a good tennis court that you can use.

Local gym – this is a place where you can generally find at least one indoor tennis court. While not all gyms will have an outdoor tennis court you can generally schedule a game or two a week. In addition this is a great place to find a tennis instructor that is able to work with you to improve your technique if you are interested. One of the biggest benefits to using the court at the local gym is there is typically no additional charges to use the court, you just may need to reserve the court in advance for your use.

Country club – many country clubs offer several tennis courts for members. Golf and tennis sometimes go hand in hand and the majority of country clubs will offer several different tennis courts that you can use. One of the biggest advantages is this will allow you to play more often because you have a greater chance of finding an open court. However, the bad news is that you generally will need to pay a membership fee for the country club, which can run as much as several hundreds of dollars a month. Nevertheless, there is some good news, finding a very good and successful instructor at a country club is an almost guarantee.

City parks – many local cities are pushing residents to get into shape and as such they are opening more parks that offer sports facilities for the general public to use. The disadvantage here is that they tend to be very busy and sometimes have limited hours. Additionally, there usually is not a staff available so there is no way to actually reserve the court. You will have to hope when you arrive that it is empty. However, the biggest advantage is that they are almost always free, plus it gives you a great chance to get out and meet new people in the area around you. If you are looking for a tennis instructor it may be a bit difficult since most public tennis courts do not have a place where instructors can post a sign advertising their services.

Tennis clubs – if you are already fairly skilled at playing you may be able to look for a local tennis club in your area. This would allow you to play with other players who all have various skill levels. The benefits are that you can learn from the more advanced players, plus it is a great way to find out about local tournaments. The disadvantage is you may have to pay additional fees each month in order to use the court. You can however usually find a great instructor this way. As you go along you may notice that you need to reserve the court in advance, however most tennis clubs offer more than a single tennis court, which helps to reduce the congestion on the courts.

Finding a good tennis court is quite possible and of course larger cities will have even greater options to find the perfect court for your needs.

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