Important Mind Control Techniques for Tennis

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Unlike what I am sure you are thinking we are not going to set out to perform voodoo on our opponent, nor are we going to try to control them through some ancient form of telepathy. Rather the goal is to improve how you approach each game from a mental standpoint so that you can be much more successful. This means that you should approach each and every game with a successful and positive attitude in order to truly find success on the tennis court.

The first thing that you always need to do is ensure that you get plenty of sleep before a match. While the idea of staying up late to practice may sound great, you will be causing yourself problems with actually paying attention at the game itself. This is not a wise decision. In order to remain calm and follow a well-developed playing strategy you need to ensure that you have gotten the rest that you need. Someone who is tired is not going to be as mentally sharp as someone who has gotten a good 8 hours of good sleep.

Stay as calm as possible before the match. While matches are exciting and it is easy to get all wound up in the excitement you need to try to detach yourself as much as possible. People who are overly excited make mistakes; they get nervous they practically give the game to their opponent. This is rather sad honestly, because most people do not set out with this idea in mind, rather they set out with the idea of being able to beat their opponent and end up leaving the tennis court sorely disappointed. If you keep your excitement under wraps until you are done playing you will find that you have a much easier time concentrating on the court and are therefore able to really focus on playing the best possible and keeping your eyes on the ball successfully.

You should also ensure that you are not taking any kind of medication before a game that will make you groggy. This is a huge problem for some players more than others. If you have allergies of some form, you may discover that your allergy medication makes you a bit sluggish and groggy. This is a potential problem and there are a few things that you can do to correct it. Your first choice is to wait until after the game to take the medication if your allergies will allow it. However if you have bad allergies then your only other real option is to talk to your doctor and see if they can prescribe something that will not make you groggy.

Always look your opponent in the eye with a confident nature whenever possible. This will have your opponent literally freaking out on their side of the net because you will look like you know exactly what you are doing and are about to cream them. This can be really scary for someone, especially if you are playing against someone who has not developed their skills fully yet. If you are able to pull this off you can have your opponent making some small mistakes before they have even had a chance to return your serve. It is important to remember that you cannot just stand and stare at your opponent for the entire game, you must actually watch the ball, but between serves, a few good self-confident looks can be quite useful.

The primary focus of tennis may be bouncing the ball back and forth across the court but you are going to have to learn how to control your mind in order to effectively play. If you allow yourself to be easily distracted, you will find that you are prone to numerous small mistakes that would not occur if you were not nervous. Nevertheless, learning to hide the fact that you are nervous will take some time and practice, yet it is entirely possible to do if you work at it.

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