Tennis Equipment – New or Used?

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If you are trying to get started in tennis you have no doubt discovered that many of the different pieces of equipment that are necessary are a bit expensive. However, if you are willing to purchase some equipment used you can save a lot of money, if you do a little searching around it’s surprising how many people are hoarding tennis equipment which you could make an offer on and grab yourself a bargain. The problem becomes determining what you can really purchase used without putting yourself at risk for injury, or even potential frustration. Savings money should never be a greater priority so it is important to follow the advice that is listed here if you are considering buying any used equipment, don’t confuse used with “cheap” its a good idea to keep your equipment in a secure safe.

Tennis Racquets are a piece of equipment where being new or used generally does not matter. However, while it is ok to choose used from a price perspective without jeopardizing safety it is also important to realize that you need to know exactly what you are looking for in a tennis racquet before you ever buy one used. If you are trying to find a power racquet and end up buying a tweener then you have just wasted your money. However, if you are looking for a racquet and manage to find one that is a level up, such as looking for a power racquet and finding a tweener then you can purchase the higher level racquet and hang onto it for later on. It is still important to use the recommended racquet in the meantime however.

Tennis balls are one of the biggest expenses that people tend to have simply because they need to be replaced so often. Generally speaking it is best to avoid used balls unless you know for sure that they are not pressurized. If you suspect that the ball is a pressureless and it still has a suitable fuzzy felt surface then you may be able to save a few dollars. However, you should check to ensure that they are the right type, remember tennis balls come in Basic, Extra duty and high altitude models.

The tennis bag is another place where you can save some money and buy used. As long as you carefully check the bag you should make out fine picking up a used model. This will allow you to reap some huge financial benefits. Key things to check are the zippers, pockets, the straps and any hardware that the bag includes. You do not want anything that is damaged. Additionally, you need to ensure that the bag is the suitable size. You are not going to save any money at all if it is the wrong size for your needs. You will still ultimately purchase a new bag in the correct size so avoiding this hassle is best.

The final pieces of equipment that you can buy used without problems are the various tennis clothes that you pick out. This is a great way to get a good deal on the tennis clothes that you need. However, while clothing is fair game, shoes are off limits. Never purchase used tennis shoes. You do not know how the other person has worn them; you do not know if they are worn out and the chances of used tennis shoes have less lateral support is quite high. This increases your chances of injury ultimately. Take the money you saved from buying the other equipment used and make sure you put it onto a good pair of tennis shoes that fit you properly.

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